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We Need to Stop Telling Our Children With ADHD That They Can't

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something? Has someone you trust said you will never be able to cook, clean up so that it’s REALLY clean?

I remember being told in 10th grade that my brain was just not built for math, and that it may be a good idea to stop trying.

So tell me, in your “can’t” experience, did you keep trying? Did you say I’ll prove him wrong and be the very best? Or... did you believe the curse and just stop trying? Did it build your confidence or deplete you? In my case, I gave up! No math. The tragedy is that our biggest accomplishments are born of our greatest challenges. Take a moment to look back at the circumstances that made you strong. That built you into the person you are today. Was it the things that came easy or the hard work and sweat?

We have to stop telling our kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD that they can’t! We need to know how to talk to a child with ADHD & what are the things that we should not say to someone with ADHD symptoms. We should also need to learn behavioral strategies, speaking skills, and intervention protocols for children with ADHD, which will help them thrive. Let’s make a commitment today to say “focusing and concentrating and sticking with a process are hard for you right now.

I have also had skills that were hard for me. You can do it with help and support. It’s worth taking the time to build your focus muscles because this exercise will make you stronger “.

Let’s give our kids the privilege of working hard towards a worth while goal instead of cursing them with “you can’t!”

Don’t deny them the joy of accomplishment that you have experienced.

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