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The Book

About the book

HyperHealing - the Ultimate ADHD Parenting Book

HyperHealing, The Empowered Parent's Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD symptoms – Avigail Gimpel 


Has your family been stunned by an ADHD diagnosis? This groundbreaking handbook will get you and your loved ones back on track toward success.


Are you frustrated with the challenges of helping your kid thrive? Looking for helpful tools beyond medication? Panicked because programs and therapy are expensive and out of reach? As a mother of six children who have ADHD behaviors, special education teacher and parenting specialist Avigail Gimpel M.S. has combined years of professional research with personal experience to craft a comprehensive approach to hyperactivity disorders. Now she’s here to share her real-world understanding and time-tested practical solutions to offer your family a brighter future.


HyperHealing, The Empowered Parent's Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD Symptoms is a compassionate and thorough manual that untangles the situation while laying out an action plan. Using humor and her hard-earned empathy to showcase authentic examples from the home and classroom, Gimpel provides essential information and straightforward exercises. By implementing any of the many broad-view options she outlines, you will make a positive change in your kid’s life!

with ADHD Symptoms is an intuitive, user-friendly program, and is the first book in the HyperHealing series. If you like conversational instruction, eye-opening expertise, and unwavering optimism, then you’ll love Avigail Gimpel’s must-have resource.


Buy HyperHealing to get the know-how to kick stigma’s butt today!

In HyperHealing, you’ll discover:

That hyperactivity is not damage, and your healthy child has an intact brain that will flourish under the right direction

Ways you can improve communication, rule-setting, and discipline so you’ll be a confident leader

How to set crucial habits to boost productive behavior, emotional competence, and problem-solving skills

Strategies to help you battle environmental triggers to help set everyone up for triumph

A step-by-step intervention system, how to be a strong advocate, an online community for continued education and encouragement, and much, much more!

About the book

HyperHealing - Show me the science

HyperHealing, Show me the Science – Avigail Gimpel M.S.


Is your child’s ADHD causing you stress? This deep dive into what you’re facing will give any parent reassurance, comfort, and direction.


Trying to be your kid’s best advocate? Not sure how to make the right decision about medication or expensive therapy? Are you driven to understand exactly what the condition means? As a special educator, college lecturer, and mother of six, Avigail Gimpel M.S. has treated hyperactivity in students and her own children for over twenty-five years. Now she’s here to explain the nitty-gritty behind the diagnosis so parents can be empowered through knowledge.


HyperHealing, Show Me the Science is a friendly and informative exploration into the scientific specifics of ADHD. Using personal and client stories, presentation of hard science in layperson terms, and thought-provoking questions, caregivers are gently guided through important information, possible prescriptions, and intervention programs. And with help from this empathetic teacher and mom’s meticulous research, you can finally wrap your head around what attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is and decide on a viable course of action for your family.

companion to the first HyperHealing guidebook. If you like conversational advice, priceless observations, and compassionate encouragement, then you’ll love Avigail Gimpel’s eye-opening gem. ​


Buy HyperHealing, Show Me the Science to satisfy your need to know today!

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In HyperHealing, Show Me the Science, you’ll discover:

Indispensable facts about ADHD so you can make the correct choices for your child

Years’ worth of insights from navigating the system that grant easy, straight-to-the-point access

Cheat sheets at the end of each chapter to help you quickly review and learn

Guidance on making tough decisions so every parent can feel more confident

A supportive action plan, clear instruction, and much, much more!


What Readers are Saying

This book is breathtaking in its scope and passionate in its goals. Avigail Gimpel brings to the table knowledge, sensitivity, experience, and the desire to empower parents to trust their abilities and their intuition, while augmenting the latter with information and strategies to help them navigate not only their child’s coping with ADHD, but their own coping, which is a major factor in achieving success. It is illustrated with fascinating stories and examples. A must-read for any parent or educator who has encountered this issue.

Toby Klein Greenwald, veteran educator, award-winning journalist and theater director, and editor-in-chief of
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