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ADHD diagnosis  and intervention  based on curiosity and respect.

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The Book

Did your child just join the millions diagnosed with ADHD? Do you KNOW your child is healthy but wish you had more tools to help her succeed? Do you find yourself frequently exploding with frustration at your child and his difficult behavior? 

HyperHealing is the Empowered Parent's Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD Symptoms. In this book, you are going to find some really effective tips on helping your child in ADHD intervention and healing.

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Training &Consultations

I offer workshops for parents of children with ADHD symptoms and educators.

HyperHealing workshops are conducted periodically. HyperHealing is an organization helping parents heal their ADHD child. We conduct HyperHealing workshops periodically. Make sure to sign up for the upcoming training series.  


Follow the link below to register or learn more about the training.

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HyperHealing made the top 10 Best ADHD book of 2021!!


HyperHealing Approach


My assessment of a new client begins with the assumption that I am meeting a healthy person who is struggling.  What drives my work is asking the question - “why is he suffering?” and not “what is his disorder/diagnosis?”.  I first want to hear each client’s personal story.   I consider myself a wellness detective, looking for clues within the story:

  • Is there an underlying health issue?

  • What habits have not been formed and why? 

  • What does his/her diet look like?

  • How many hours is he/she exposed to screens?

  • Is he/she getting quality sleep?

  • Is his/her social life stressful and why? 

  • Has he/she experienced trauma?

  • Is his/her environment structured and are boundaries clear?

Based on these questions and many more, I am able to peel back the layers of complexity and give a more accurate diagnosis.  With this holistic understanding, I can now help my clients set up an intervention plan.  


We all deserve the respect and patience to discover the root cause of our challenges, and the tools to overcome them.  A single diagnosis for so many complex symptoms stunts rather than enhances growth.  In my 20 plus years of work with people with ADHD symptoms, I have been every client’s advocate to achieve his best potential.  My goal is to give you the knowledge and skill to thrive with and/or overcome ADHD symptoms


About Me


Avigail Gimpel, M.S


I am a College lecturer, practitioner in private practice, parent educator, and author of HyperHealing. Married for 20 happy glorious years, and a mother of six beautiful children, (ages 7-19).

I began my career as a special education teacher in an inclusion classroom, with children of all ability levels, unique gifts and challenges.  I loved all my students, but the most intriguing were the students with “special energy”, the ones who were trying to drink from a waterfall instead of a glass.  The ones who dreamed all day, but then said something that no one else thought of.  The ones whose engines ran on instant gratification, and had not developed habits and routines to focus their explosive energy.  They were creative, funny, out of the box and… struggling.  They had trouble with follow-through, organization, social skills, routine and emotional regulation. It was time to fill their tool kit with strong skills and habits. I developed an intervention program full of novelty, discovery, structure, responsibility, routine, and faith in each child’s ability.  My special energy kids began to flourish.

The second wave of my career launched when my children were receiving ADHD diagnosis one after the next. While neurologists insisted that my children had a chronic brain disorder which could be “cured” or managed through the use of stimulant medication, it did not seem that my children’s struggles were due to a Ritalin deficiency.  Now that my own children were being affected by ADHD, I left no stone unturned in my quest for deeper understanding and solutions. 

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“Educate a child according to his strengths, so that when he grows older he will not abandon his path."

Proverbs 22:6​

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"I went to Avigail’s course with one of my children in mind.  She gave me practice tips and techniques which I have been able to use to help two of my children feel more confident and successful both at home and in school. My children have gained a sense of control and awareness of their feelings and behaviors and I have the tools I need to create a calmer home environment."


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