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Your unique ADHD story has its own empowered solution

Get your customized productivity plan right away!


Take this quiz to discover the causes of your ADHD symptoms and how to eliminate them.

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For your child

You can help your child reverse his/her ADHD symptoms and take on life as you only dreamed possible! The healing transformation begins when you discover WHY your child has ADHD symptoms to begin with. Take this 2-minute quiz to find out why your child is struggling and how to reduce or eliminate ADHD symptoms! Empower yourself to guide your child!

For an adult with  ADHD symptoms

You may be surprised to find out that there are many causes of ADHD symptoms. Once you discover what is causing your symptoms you can finally overcome ADHD. Take this 2-minute quiz and get your customized ADHD-eliminating productivity plan right away!


I'm Avigail

I was a young mom and Special Educator plodding along when ADHD ran me right over! Ouch!  Out of nowhere, my kids and students were being diagnosed with ADHD at record speed.  What was going on?  I thought I had the best kids in the world, and suddenly they were disordered and needed to be “fixed”.  Where could I find accurate information and guidance? Nothing is more precious to us than our children and their success. Post-ADHD diagnosis I had no idea how to guide them there.  I felt alone and helpless.

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My Commitment

As a mom, an educator, and an author, I see you and I am passionate about assisting you! You have not given up! You have tried medications, OT, PT speech therapy, ADHD coaching…  and you are still struggling. 

Welcome to HyperHealing, where we are committed to listening to your unique story, identifying the root causes of your ADHD symptoms, and giving you the tools you need to journey joyfully toward your goals. 

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The Hyper Healing

As my children and students were being diagnosed with ADHD at record speed, something seemed wrong!  Evaluation was conducted according to a checklist,  and if enough symptoms were present, the struggling person was given a one-size-fits-all diagnosis. Were YOU being seen?

My gut said NO and the research agreed.  We were asking the wrong questions, thereby completely missing each person and her individual experience!  We were not asking for each person’s story in its every detail.  We were not asking “why”.

I realized we had to make a dramatic  change if we hoped to offer relief and growth! We desperately needed curiosity and a deeper understanding of root causes of ADHD symptoms to truly help you thrive.  


The Hyper Healing books series

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HyperHealing, The Empowered Parent's Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD symptoms 

– Avigail Gimpel 

Has your family been stunned by an ADHD diagnosis? This groundbreaking handbook will get you and your loved ones back on track toward success.

HyperHealing, Show me the Science

– Avigail Gimpel M.S.

Is your child’s ADHD causing you stress? This deep dive into what you’re facing will give any parent reassurance, comfort, and direction.


Training & Consultations


15-minute free consultation

Be in touch for a quick conversation to get a feel for what the HyperHealing approach can offer you. I am happy to meet you, hear you story and answer your questions!


One-on -one consultation.

Are you looking for direct, concentrated guidance? Schedule an appointment with me.  Together, we will clear the path that leads to your success. Request a consultation through the “contact me” form. I will get right in touch with you! I look forward to being part of your powerful journey!


 3-part FREE training for group leaders.

Become a HyperHealing support/education group leader yourself! In this fast-paced course, participants will learn how to lead a group using the HyperHealing books at the framework and text for the group. This group is open to anyone touched by ADHD who would like to pass their knowledge forward and help me reach any child affected by ADHD get the help they need. 

Fall Cutouts


7-part parent workshop

 This high-energy, enjoyable support/education group brings hard-working parents of ADHD kids together to support one another and learn all the tricks of the trade. This group is FUN and enriching.

Parents graduate from this workshop as coaches for their own children, with the skill to discipline lovingly, guide the child’s teacher and directly treat the causes of their child’s ADHD symptoms.

what clients say

"I went to Avigail’s course with one of my children in mind.  She gave me practice tips and techniques which I have been able to use to help two of my children feel more confident and successful both at home and in school. My children have gained a sense of control and awareness of their feelings and behaviors and I have the tools I need to create a calmer home environment."

A gift for you!

Thank you very much for visiting my website. 

It means a lot to me. Here's my way of saying thank you! Enjoy your free gift! 

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