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The Sun and the Wind: Let the Game Begin....

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The wind was feeling bored one day, nothing special going on. he looked around for some entertainment. Suddenly he spotted a poor chap making his way down the cold empty boulevard.

The man clutched his threadbare coat, hoping to find some warmth. Said the wind to himself "Look at that terrible garment! Full of holes, stained everywhere. That coat can not be serving that man well.

"I bet I can get the poor fellow to remove his awful coat once and for all". The wind released all of his fury and began to blow gusts of wind, creating a chilling storm. The unsuspecting man grabbed his coat with all of his might, wrapping it tightly so that it would not blow away in the gusts.

The sun looked on curiously. "What is your grievance with that fellow?" he said to the wind. "Why do you harass him so?'

"I hope to get him to remove his useless coat. If I blow hard enough he will surely discard it!"

The sun let the wind carry on for some time, until the wind was quite exhausted.

The sun then suggested a wager. I bet that I can get our friend to remove his coat more quickly than you can. The wind agreed, being quite convinced that the sun too would fail.

The sun smiled broadly, and began to shine. The day became warm and welcoming. the poor chap let out a sigh of relief, relaxed his arms and gratefully removed his coat.

So you see, the moral lesson that we can get from the story is very easy. Sometimes the people around us feel the need to hang on tightly to all sorts of things that are clearly of no benefit to them. They often hope in vain that if they hang on to poor habits/friends/behaviors more tightly eventually it will warm them.

So here's the challenge... when the poor chap insists stubbornly on holding on, even to his detriment, will you choose to be the wind, or will you choose to be the sunshine?

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