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From Screen Addiction to Battlefield Bravery: A Mom's Revelation During Wartime

The last eight months have been a whirlwind of emotions, making it difficult to put any of it into words. Being the mom of three #combatSoldiers during wartime has left me reeling! I used to consider myself super stable, but now I cycle through new and astonishing moods every few seconds. It's like #ADHD on overdrive! I have learned, grown, rejoiced, grieved, mourned, and continue to renew my faith.

One sentiment caught me by surprise: bursting #pride! We moms have been worried sick about our soldiers for the past few years. During their grueling training, they were #distracted, on their #phones too much, living in fantasy land. If a real war broke out, we were in trouble!

And then the nightmare manifested. #Israel was suddenly thrust into a horrible war, and it was these very soldiers—the distracted, selfish, #screenAddicted youth—who were called upon to protect our borders and return our #hostages.

And they ALL showed up! They have been fighting valiantly and bravely for eight long months. What about the #screens? How are our young #addicts pulling it off?

Without a doubt, I was mistaken!

It wasn't the screens after all! Screens were merely a #distraction. Our young men and women lacked a sense of #meaning and purpose. They lived for immediate gratification, chasing the next thrill because we failed to provide them with a sense of #purpose. While we busied them with extracurricular activities and met their every need, we neglected to convey the idea that life held greater significance and that they possessed the power to change the world. There was no space for them to dream and flourish; life was too convenient and predetermined.

This lesson is hard-earned and oh-so painful. My mother's prayer is that we can learn to replace distraction with meaning and begin to have faith in the best generation ever. We have work to do.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this revelation. I, for one, am shocked that it took my sons going to war to work all of this out.

Let us all pray for peace!

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