My Services

I offer 5 different tracks:

Adult client with ADHD symptoms

I meet with an adult client either online or in-person for a 90-minute diagnostic session, with spouses or significant others invited to attend for support if the client so desires. During the initial meeting, we set up an outline for an intervention program, generally involving five to ten one-hour sessions (more for complex circumstances).  I provide specific assignments for clients to begin implementing following each meeting, and clients are encouraged to send me feedback about progress between meetings as well.  My clients know that my success is their success, so I invite them to be in touch with questions throughout the entire intervention period. 

Couples struggling due to ADHD behavior in one or both of the spouses

Meetings include both members of the couple throughout the process; both will fill out an initial form (even if one does not have ADHD symptoms), and each shares his/her personal “narrative” in our initial meeting. Often, this process can be fairly intense and may take two meetings.  We then set up a program focused on communication, responsibility, uprooting poor habits and developing new productive ones, with empathy and mutual respect.  Each person is given “homework” between meetings. This process can take from 5-12 meetings – serious commitment by both partners brings quicker, and better, results.


Parents of children with ADHD symptoms

We begin the training (minimum of six meetings) with a form for parents to fill out about each of the children they seek help for.  The key to success with any habit forming/behavior changing program is consistency, so we work to turn parents into “special-energy coaches” involving daily intervention. My innovative strategy is to create the program according to the parent’s ability rather than strictly the child’s needs so that we can be sure it will be consistently implemented. We focus first on parent emotional and behavioral habit loop, and how to shift that in order to be more effective communicators.  What parents must recognize is that they did not cause their children’s symptoms, but it is nonetheless in their power to dramatically improve their children’s performance. 

I train parents in skills of behavior modification, positive communication, respectful punishment, emotional intervention, sleep hygiene, screen exposure control, homework, organization, morning and evening routine, relationship with siblings, social interactions, developing natural focus through exercise, diet and health and any other issues the child may be dealing with. 

At the end of each meeting, parents get an assignment for the following week.  We track the progress in the next meeting and add to the program at the parent’s pace.  If parents feel “stuck” throughout the week, I encourage them to be in contact and ask questions.

7-part series workshop for parents of children with ADHD

This is a group workshop in which we cover causes of ADHD symptoms and explore in detail interventions for all the challenges and struggles of children with ADHD symptoms.  Although this is not a support group per se, many participants report that they enjoy spending time with other very “normal,” healthy, good parents who, like them, are also grappling with their issues.  They enjoy hearing each other’s questions and feedback, and these are lively, dynamic, even enjoyable discussions yield a group of more empowered, encouraged parents.  

12-part series for Educators

This is an in-depth course designed for educators, in informal or formal K-12 education frameworks.  We cover, among other topics:

  • Classroom structure (physical, behavioral, emotional)

  • Organization, discipline, motivation

  • Lesson plans and homework strategies

  • Behavior modification for the group and the individual

  • Incorporating exercise in the classroom

  • Implementing appropriate consequences with emphasis on consistency

  • Building healthy and fulfilling social relationships

  • Dealing with aggression, bullying or otherwise difficult behavior

  • Creating an “agreement” between student and teacher 

Our goal is to empower every student to be a life-long learner, a respectful student and friend, nurture new habits and responsibility and never say “I can’t.”  Teachers generally begin the course assuming there is not much they can do beyond recommending that specific children be evaluated or medicated; they conclude the course optimistic, empowered and loaded with an extensive toolkit of hands-on skills.

After many years of being stuck, feeling like a failure, sadness and continual loneliness, I was looking for a true solution to get out of the mud.  Avigail extended her hand to me, and since then she has continued to support me.  She understands and explains the source of every problem, very patiently, with warmth, love and faith.  She directs me towards success.  She has faith in the strength of every person to choose.  With professionalism, deep understanding and thoroughness she helps me choose the path that is correct for me, and with love and persistence she redirects me towards myself.  To the good, to my strength, to my talents that had not yet been revealed.  With Avigail, it’s impossible not to succeed because from the first step of choosing to be healthy and effective you have already succeeded.  The connection with Avigail is continuous and there is support and real understanding of my circumstances.  This gives strength and hope even when it’s a little hard. - Sara K.


With Avigail’s hands-on approach and positivity, we got a lot of practice solutions to parenting our kids, each kid with his/her individual needs.  She taught us that parenting even the most challenging kids can be done with a sense of humor and fun.  After trying all sorts of approaches and almost giving up hope, Avigail showed us how harmony in the home, with patience, the right efforts and perseverance is possible after all- even with the most challenging kids. - Chavi S.