This is an in-depth course designed for educators, in informal or formal K-12 education frameworks.  We cover, among other topics:

  • Classroom structure (physical, behavioral, emotional)
  • Organization, discipline, motivation
  • Lesson plans and homework strategies
  • Behavior modification for the group and the individual
  • Incorporating exercise in the classroom
  • Implementing appropriate consequences with emphasis on consistency
  • Building healthy and fulfilling social relationships
  • Dealing with aggression, bullying or otherwise difficult behavior
  • Creating an “agreement” between student and teacher 

Our goal is to empower every student to be a life-long learner, a respectful student and friend, nurture new habits and responsibility and never say “I can’t.”  Teachers generally begin the course assuming there is not much they can do beyond recommending that specific children be evaluated or medicated; they conclude the course optimistic, empowered and loaded with an extensive toolkit of hands-on skills.

12-Part Series for Educators

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