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Image by Joseph Barrientos

HyperHealing ADHD Blogs

Your knowledge base for raising a healthy child with ADHD symptoms

Welcome to HyperHealing Blog! This is a place where I share my experience, strategies and tips for parenting a child with ADHD symptoms through the blogs. 

My passion is helping your healthy child diagnosed with ADHD, conduct disorder or learning disabilities flourish and achieve his/her best. As part of a wider scoping intervention program, I offer workshops for parents of children with ADHD symptoms and educators where I guide each participant in helping their child find the right path to prove just how capable they are.

What drives my work is asking the question - “why are they suffering?” and not “what are they suffering from or what is the disorder/diagnosis?” This ultimately led me to develop this intervention program full of novelty, discovery, structure, responsibility, routine, and faith in each child’s ability.

I am a firm believer that there is a holistic way to approach the adaptation to and management of life with someone who presents ADHD symptoms, without the sole reliance on medication.

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