I went to Avigail’s course with one of my children in mind.  She gave me practice tips and techniques which I have been able to use to help two of my children feel more confident and successful both at home and in school.  Avigail’s approach enables us to work together with the school in a productive and positive way.  My children have gained a sense of control and awareness of their feelings and behaviors and I have the tools I need to create a calmer home environment. - Aliza B.

Our initial consultation with Avigail Gimpel was probably one of the most valuable meetings we’ve ever had. - Barak M.

Avigail and her wonderful techniques saved our marriage.  Before we met Avigail we didn’t know how to work together in the most communicative way. Avigail taught us how to find solutions for things and approach our challenges in a very practical way.  Without Avigail I don’t know where we would be today. - Sarit R.

ADHD is not a stand-alone disorder, but a list of neatly packaged symptoms tied together by the American Psychiatric Association.    ADHD does not have one simple cause - Brain Dysfunction, rather these symptoms occur due to many complex factors or insults. Symptoms can be caused by environmental, physiological, social and emotional stress, to name a few.  It is suggested that the disorder is hereditary, that there is a brain imbalance associated with it, but causality is quite murky.  Despite enormous efforts by psychiatry and Big Pharma, the brain chemical imbalance theory has yet to be scientifically proven and remains a theory. Ritalin does not seem to “fix” these kids.  At best what we have seen is that stimulants act as a bandage covering up “bleeding” from ADHD symptoms, while possibly causing extensive side effects. Many children initially get a major boost from the medication, but the progress often fades over time.